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Philips Ambx

The ambx lighting is a great idea and enhances video game play, movie lighting and ambiance superbly. The only drawback is this thing is very cheaply produced, it's made of thin plastic. I would have been completely disappointed had I bought it when it was uber expensive. I've had the product about three months now and the middle washer has started to flicker between color shifts with the ambx illuminate program running. Ambx forum users have been seeing this and have been instructed to return them to the retailer as it's defective hardware. All together, I'd recommend purchasing it for $40. Just don't run the illuminate program with it. You'll save on it burning out sooner.

philips ambx

Philips adds a touch of realism to game play with a new line of amBX PC Gaming Peripherals that re-create the sights, sounds and feel of computer games. Its PC Starter Kit includes a directional wall washer light, a controller unit and satellite lights that render a variety of special effects ranging from red-hot explosions to soothing fireside flickers. It costs $200. A Pro-Gamer Kit, which also includes two satellite 2.1 speaker lights and a subwoofer, costs $300. An Extension Kit, which features a set of desk fans and a wrist rumbler that create the sensation of wind, collisions, acceleration and other sensory experiences, is $100. 041b061a72

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